Tableau is a powerful and fastest growing data visualization tool used in the Business Intelligence Industry. It helps in simplifying raw data in a very easily understandable format.

Capabilities of Tableau

  • Self-service Data Preparation & Analytics for Everyone
  • Multi-dimensional insights into your business in minutes
  • Geographic visibility with one-click analytical map creation
  • In-memory data engine makes your slow databases and files super speedy
  • Compelling presentations for internal and external meetings
  • Easy collaboration and sharing
  • Embedded interactive visualizations into any web applications
  • Automatically touch-enabled visualizations for iPads and Android tablets
  • Native mobile apps for Android and IOS
  • Plugs into your existing IT infrastructure: fast and easy deployment, low maintenance, low total cost of ownership

Tableau User Roles and Tableau Uses

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Collaboration
  • Data Blending
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Query translation into visualization
  • To import large size of data
  • To create no-code data queries
  • To manage large size metadata
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