At GEOTECH, we offer a range of GIS data and remote sensing data services to help you make the most of your spatial and imagery data. Our GIS services include

Data Collection and Management

We can help you collect and manage spatial data from various sources, such as remote sensors, GPS devices, UAVs and satellite imagery. Our central database can be accessed by multiple users, making it easy to collaborate on data analysis projects.

Data Conversion and Data Migration

Our GIS services include converting data between various GIS and CAD file formats and converting raster data to vector data. We ensure data security and integrity throughout the conversion and migration process.

Spatial Analysis

Our spatial analysis services will help you identify patterns, trends, and relationships in your spatial data. A few of the use cases are: Natural resources identification, Traffic pattern analysis, Crime Hotspot mapping and Disaster impact assessment. Our team of experts can also help you create maps, charts, and other visualizations to enable you to understand and depict your spatial data in a better fashion.

Web Mapping

Web mapping services allow you to access and interact with spatial data over the internet. This can be useful for a variety of applications such as emergency management, urban planning, and environmental monitoring.


Our geocoding (Forward and Reverse) and address-matching services make it easier to map and analyze your data.

Image processing

Our services include a range of satellite and UAV image processing solutions to help you make the most of your spatial imagery data.

Integrated Transport Management System - Trivandrum Smart City GIS Implementation

  • ⦁ GIS Data Model creation and Data migration
  • ⦁ Developing and Maintaining of the Web GIS systems with the tools including Role Based Access, Map Display Tools & GUI, Query Tools.
  • ⦁ Integration of GIS system with External Systems.
  • ⦁ Mapping of various Administrative Boundaries, Land Cover, POI, Waterbody, Network date and Smart Elements datasets
  • ⦁ Developed a collection of application which consists of near real time alert, reports, Integration with ICCC platform & other system
  • ⦁ Customize and Create
  • ⦁ Launch New Capabilities
  • ⦁ Build GIS projects
  • ⦁ Perform analysis and Geoprocessing
  • ⦁ Share your work


  • ⦁ GIS Application Details
  • ⦁ Dedicated GIS application with User Management module
  • ⦁ Powerful folder management solution for sharing disparate information on a need-to-know basis
  • ⦁ Role based availability of GIS functionalities

Very Large scale digitization for Cities 3D twin generation

Under the 3D Digital twins of Cities of India project, we are providing:
  • ⦁ Large Scale digitization of Built – up infrastructure and buildings from high resolution imagery
  • ⦁ Data creation, compilation and Quality Assurance.
  • ⦁ Recording of detailed features in buildings and other built-up infrastructure, for Advanced Viewshed Analysis and Database creation.

DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Geo-tagging of land parcels and linking them with unique farmer database

Under this project we provided services involving the following operations:
  • ⦁ Farm parcels Digitization
  • ⦁ Remove duplicate entries
  • ⦁ Merge records across different tables and databases
  • ⦁ Match the records based on multiple feature columns
  • ⦁ Perform matching operations
  • ⦁ Customized Enterprise Web GIS Application